Community Development

Strengthening Our Community One Home at a Time

It's time to take care of our neighborhoods and build Baltimore up to be the greatest city it can be. Maryland Bay Construction, LLC has proudly partnered with PB Holding Company, LLC on an ambitious community development project in the Baltimore City neighborhood of East Harwood. The goal is revitalize, beautify and stabilize East Harwood, while providing affordable housing opportunities. Over the years, many houses in East Harwood have suffered a long run of abandonment and disrepair. We're here to change that and create a safe, accessible and affordable neighborhood. So far, our construction crews have renovated eight homes in the resurging neighborhood.

Revitalizing East Harwood

Maryland Bay Construction is the lead contractor on the community revitalization project. Work includes:

  • Gutting dilapidated homes
  • Completely reframing with smart floor plans and designs
  • Installing energy efficient lighting, windows and new appliances
  • Installing energy efficient heating and cooling systems¬†

These are just a few examples of the work we're doing to help our community grow and prosper. Contact us today with any questions you have about the East Harwood community revitalization project.

Community Beautification: Because your community is our community

Maryland Bay Construction knows that a beautiful community not only increases property value, but also improves community morale, attracts business, and promotes a better neighborhood image. In an on-going effort to support community development and beautification, we have been part of a collaboration with the Harwood Community Association, Strong City Baltimore, and Central Baltimore Partnership to:

  • Plant new trees
  • Recruit university students to improve the appearance of facades at vacant buildings
  • Organize community clean-ups

We are dedicated to our community and the efforts it takes to revitalize and restore the neighborhood. Our plan is to continue to support community development efforts in East Harwood and beyond...and do our small part to improve Baltimore City.